Eligibility Criteria:

  • The course is designed for beginners with little or no SAP SD experience
  • Recommended for candidates who are working in Sales & Marketing field
  • Any Fresher, Job Seeker or house wives who wants to make career in SAP can enroll for the course.


  • 2+ Months

Batch Timings:

  • 2 to 3 hours per day on Weekdays Or Weekend
  • Class is open for 24/7

Course Content:

Interview Preparation:

SAP SD Introduction & Overview

  • What is SAP? a detailed overview
  • Introduction to SAP Sales and Distribution Module
  • SAP SD: Organization Structure
  • Business Scenarios in SAP Sales and Distribution
  • SAP SD: documents (ex: Sales order, Delivery, Billing) and structure
  • SAP SD: Document Flow Overview
  • Create SAP SD Inquiry
  • Create SAP SD Quotation
  • Create SAP SD Contract
  • Create SAP SD Sales Order
  • Create a Scheduling Agreement in SAP SD

SAP SD Master Data

  • SAP: Customer Master Data
  • SAP SD: Material Master
  • SAP: Customer-Material Info Record
  • SAP SD: Condition Master Data
  • SAP SD: Output Master Data

SAP SD Sales Customizing

  • SAP SD: Sales Document Types
  • SAP SD: Item Categories
  • SAP SD: Schedule Line Categories
  • SAP SD: Sales Organization
  • SAP SD: Distribution Channel
  • SAP SD: Division
  • SAP SD: Sales Area
  • SAP SD: Sales Office
  • SAP SD: Sales Group
  • SAP SD: Shipping Point
  • SAP: Assigning of Plant to Sales Organization and Distribution Channel

SAP SD Processes

  • SAP: Order to Cash (O2C) Process
  • SAP: Sales Document Flow
  • SAP SD: Copy Control
  • SAP SD: Availability Check
  • SAP SD: Incompletion Procedure
  • SAP: Material Determination
  • SAP: Material Listing
  • SAP: Material Exclusion

Additional Sales Scenarios

  • SAP SD: Free Goods
  • SAP SD: Delivery Block Functionality
  • SAP  SD: Service Order Process

Processing of Complaints

  • SAP SD: Credit Memo Processing
  • SAP SD: Debit Memo Processing
  • SAP SD: Return Order Processing
  • SAP: Invoice Generation Process
  • SAP: Invoice Correction Process
  • SAP: Advance Returns Management

SAP SD Business Processes

  1. SAP: Sales Quotation Business Process
  2. SAP SD: Sales Order Processing: Sale from Stock
  3. SAP SD: Sales Processing Using Third Party (without Shipping Notification)
  4. SAP SD: Sales Processing using Third Party (w. Shipping Notification)
  5. SAP SD: Free of Charge Delivery
  6. SAP SD: Credit Management
  7. SAP SD: Returns and Complaints
  8. SAP SD: Advanced Customer Returns Management
  9. SAP SD: Sales Order Processing for Prospect
  10. SAP SD: Sales of Non-stock Item with Order Specific Procurement
  11. SAP SD: Debit Memo Processing
  12. SAP SD: Foreign Trade Export Processing
  13. SAP SD: Customer Consignment Processing
  14. SAP SD: Returnables Processing
  15. SAP SD: Cross-Company Sales Order Processing
  16. Sales Order Processing with Customer Down Payment
  17. SAP SD: Sales Third-Party Process with Subcontracting
  18. SAP SD: Sales Period End Closing Operations
  19. SAP SD: Credit Memo Processing
  20. SAP SD: Sales Order Processing with Collective Billing
  21. SAP SD: Tables

SAP SD Reporting

  • SAP SD: Essential Reports
  • SAP: Sales Information System
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Questions
  • Written And Mock Test
  • Confidence Build-Up
  • 100% Job Assistance

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